Stage Announcement "Wheat Germ, Holly has your bag - Please meet at the information booth..." 
Stage Announcement "Richard Moss and Barbara, meet us at the information booth..." 
Stage Announcement "Helen Savich, please call your father at the Motel Glory in WoodRidge" 
Stage Announcement "City McGee, please come to back stage right..." 
Stage Announcement "Richard Bock, get back to Eddie Cramer in the sound truck..." 
Stage Announcement "Wendy and Maynard from Fairlawn, please meet Jill in front of the stage..." 
Stage Announcement "Ellen Hayman to the front, Jim McLean please go to the pink and white tent..." 
Townspeople "A 15 year-old girl sleeping in the field" 
From Ken's Garage "4 cubes out of the ice bag. I mean, what do you charge for 4 cubes?" 
Grace Slick "Allright friends, you have seen the heavy groups... morning maniac music" 
Stage Announcement "Alan Fay, go to the information booth..." 
Vacationers "We were all standing on the curb last night..." 
From Ken's Garage "Its a great shot to Sullivan County, business-wise..." 
From Ken's Garage "The last time we seen anything like this was...." 
From Ken's Garage "They're beautiful people" 
Joan Baez "This is an organizing song..." 
Joan Baez "I'd like to sing you a song, which is one of...." 
Joan Baez "So the order of everything just went kaplooey..." 
Joan Baez "I just now got a letter, I have it with me about the trip..." 
Joan Baez "Joe Hill excerpt" 
Joan Baez "I'd like to sing you a song called 'Sweet Sir Galahad'..." 
Joan Baez stage introduction and comments 
Crowd Rain Chant 
Stage Announcement "There are 45 doctors or more, I know of at least 45..." 
Stage Announcement "The forcast for this afternoon is...." 
Stage Announcement "OK, Gail, wow, S-i-r-i-n-c-i-o-n-e, meet your daddy-o..." 
Stage Announcement "Like my mother really lives in a lot of pain because..." 
Traffic Announcement "Please walk on the grass." 
Stage Announcement "OK, Mr. Richie Havens..." (beginning of the festival) 
Richie Havens "A hundred million songs are gonna be sung tonite..." 
Bill Lubinsky "Yeah, today it feels so great... right here, ya know." 
Interview "Their self demeanor cannot be questioned..." 
Clarence Reinshagen "This is a disaster area, we don't even have a phone..." 
Port-O-Sans "How do you rate the facilities?" 
At the Telephones "I'm gonna call my mother and father because they think..." 
Stage Announcement "We apologize for noise of the choppity-choppity..." 
Tactical meeting "If anybody wants any more room, shows up with more people...." 
Wavy Gravy - "What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000!"
Joe Cocker - "I Shall Be Released" 
Crosby, Stills & Nash - "This is our second gig, this is the second time we've played in front of people..." 
Country Joe McDonald - The "Fish" Cheer 
John Morris - "Its a free concert from now on..." 
Canned Heat - "This is the most outrageous spectacle...." 
Arlo Guthrie - "The New York State Thruway's closed, man!" 
Arlo Guthrie "Walking Down The Line excerpt" 
John Morris - "Everyone's ground getting comfortable?" 
John Morris - "There's a gentleman by the name of Abbie Hoffman who's helped us a great deal..." 
Information Booth - "If anger is red, and envy is green, what color is jelousy?..."
Information Booth "And like, all the people coming up here asking us to page...." 
Janis Joplin - "How are you out there? You're stayin' stoned and you got enough water...." 
Michael Lang interview - "About numbers, how many do you expect?...."
Michael Lang interview - "What does it cost to put one of these things on?..."
Michael Lang interview - "What is it that musicians have that they can communicate?..."
Stage Announcement - "Marilyn Cohen, wherever your are Marilyn, Greg wants you to meet him at the...." 
Max Yasgur - "I'm a farmer-I don't know how to speak to 20 people at one time let alone a crowd like this.." 
John Sebastian - "I'd like you to hear a tune about those discussions that I was talking about..." 
John Sebastian - "There's a cat, and I really don't know his name... but his old lady just had a baby..." 
Stage Announcement - "The great Ravi Shankar...played through the rain..."
Sidney Westival - "And the kids were wonderful. I have no kick, it was 'Sir' this and 'Sir' that... " 
Sidney Westival "Nobody has ever seen a thing like this..." 
Clarence Reinshagen - "My fields are all cut up, our second cutting of hay is gone..." 
Art Vassmer "I'll say one thing for the young people..." 
Art Vassmer - "What's it done? Increased it... as much as you can do, and more..." 
Wavy Gravy - "My name is Hugh Romney. I'm with the Hog Farm..." 
Wavy Gravy - "People been sayin' some of the acid is poison..." 
Wavy Gravy - "Some hamburger guy had his stand burned down last night..."